Home sweet unfinished home...

May 14, 2013

We got the keys to our new home last Friday and Chris and I had grand plans to have the bedrooms painted and ready for a move in on Sunday afternoon...unfortunately we had ambitious dreams that came no where close to reality.   

We added a wall, a pantry, 12 can lights, and spent an entire day painting one pitched ceiling.  Home ownership is turning both of us into dreamers and unfortunately we are caught in the cycle of one step forward, twenty steps back. 

But with the hard weekend of work behind us, we are finally seeing a little light at the end of the "still living with my parents" tunnel.  We have conquered the high gloss walls, ceilings, casings, and doors and now thoroughly understand the importance of a primer.  We have installed all of our lighting and built all of our walls.  We are ready to move forward one step at a time and pray that next weekend our dreams of sleeping in the same bed again will become a reality.

Here is to a week of paint filled late nights.

Our home/construction site...
We tore down the giant shelf jutting out of the wall...
 photo 003_zps142c981e.jpg
and installed spotlights in the drywall...  photo 017_zps8b471c93.jpg
We turned a coat closet into a pantry...
 photo 006_zps9103cd0a.jpg
And turned this open den... photo 004_zps49c74ccf.jpg photo 005_zps0a169c2c.jpg
Into a closed third bedroom...
 photo 016_zps0ae0425b.jpg

We painted these beams by hand...and then finally decided a paint gun would save our sanity...
 photo 033_zpsb6ba77f3.jpg
And we painted our bedroom with two coats of paint...only to find that the paint peels right off of the wall...thank you oil based glossy paint.
 photo 031_zps8975ad4e.jpg

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1 comment:

  1. You did all of this in 1 week?! I am IMPRESSED!!! Great job, you guys!