These two...

Jun 12, 2013

I have recently become more comfortable leaving Dominic alone in a room with Scarlett, usually reminding her that her brother is a baby, not to touch him and telling her to let me know if he falls over.  So, last week when I was getting ready for a beach day with the kids, listening to the sound of bonding from across the hall, I was startled when Scarlett said "mom you have to come here right now".  This is what I found.

 photo 817E815D-A17F-43F3-AFF0-5D45100782E9-3405-000003931F5BE9AF_zps9d7c8669.jpg photo 73CE61BF-A4CB-487D-BF03-20BB73B95EDC-3405-000003931595FB21_zpsb4738e30.jpg

Scarlett found a bag of hats and was dressing up her brother.  Definitely breaking the "no touching" rule, but way too cute to not just sit back and enjoy the moment with Scarlett and her living doll.