Jul 30, 2013

Scarlett is LOVING the pool these days.  She is fully swimming, head under water, kicking her legs, swimming.  We are still not "parents can turn their back" pool safe, but we are close.  Give it one more month of endless days in the pool and a little more coaching and by next summer she will be a pro.

We spent yesterday at my parents house and my sister and I spent the whole time reminiscing about all of the fun games we used to play in the pool when we were kids.  We would spend hours making up games, using pool mats as slides, or playing "salon" in the jacuzzi.   We would get out at the end of a long summer day with burnt shoulder and pruny fingers, ready to collapse with the sun. 

 photo 078_zpsf13bc393.jpg photo 080_zps42ff0cae.jpg photo 083_zps5ed3b6c0.jpg photo 086_zpse2261032.jpg photo 087_zps6165536c.jpg photo 089_zpsa50e5716.jpg