Up on the roof...

Oct 18, 2013

Somehow we have started the evening habit of going on the roof to watch the sunset and count the stars.  After putting Dominic to bed, Scarlett, Chris, Heon, and I climb to the top of our home, lay out a blanket and watch the sun dip below the horizon.

Last night we read books and told riddles, my favorite blanket shielding us from the brisk evening air.

 photo 005_zps6beaba97.jpg
Scarlett took a picture of the sunset for us. I was pretty impressed by her low light skills.

 photo roof1_zps950dfe57.jpg photo 009_zps7330e2f1.jpg photo roof2_zps33ab0bda.jpg photo 014_zps63dd02ae.jpg photo 016_zps74547c75.jpg photo 019_zps54027ad5.jpg