Birthday party...

Nov 27, 2013

We decided this year to have a combined birthday party for the kids.  After spending all week expecting it to rain and not planning anything, Friday came with clear skies and I was racing around trying to throw something together.  We ordered a bounce house, put a couple of crafts together, baked a cake, shopped for food and made it work.

The kids ran around like crazy monkeys and the parents just tried to keep track of which part of the house their littles were currently destroying.  While cleaning up the aftermath, Chris and I declared the party a success.

 photo 016_zpsf75bfc94.jpg photo party1_zpsac575f83.jpg photo 028_zps5fac2ae3.jpg photo party2_zpsd41230af.jpg photo 088_zps013643bb.jpg photo 087_zps06b536f2.jpg photo party3_zps9672e416.jpg photo party4_zps672705fc.jpg photo 085_zps252cd7ef.jpg photo 097_zpsdd01902a.jpg photo party6_zpse61bd59c.jpg photo 106_zpsad6e72ef.jpg