You can't stop Him...

Nov 22, 2013

Almost daily I look at Scarlett and tell her to stop growing.  I remind her that she is my little girl and that I want her to always be exactly that.  Yesterday, in a rousing game of pretend, titled "talking blanket", Scarlett was pretending to be my blanket (Scarlett: "mom, pretend I am your blanket...that talks", and so the pretending began).  As she was laying on me cuddled into a ball, I once again proceeded to ask her to stay this size forever:

Me - Scarlett, I want you to always be this size and always cuddle with me.
Scarlett - Mom, I just can't do that.  God made me so that I would grow.
Me - Uh...why God, why? (said with dramatic sarcasm)
Scarlett - You just can't stop God