Boys are gross...

Jan 29, 2014

We never had this problem with Scarlett.

 photo 113454AB-1835-4164-91DB-DA8C6E29CEFF_zpsi1x2yban.jpg photo 0FE21718-A1A3-4380-A824-CC47F8033F76_zps3mgu7qaj.jpg
Dominic and I were just having a little after bath play time and while I was cleaning the kids room I let him wander sans diaper (admittedly my fault).  When I looked in the corner I noticed he was playing with two tiny rocks, not a irregular occurrence since our entire back yard is covered in rocks.  I smiled, he smiled and we both went on our merry way.  Until, a very proud little boy crawled his way over to my side of the room, handed me the tiny rocks and with a sharp sniff I noticed these "rocks" were actually tiny poop balls.  He smiled and I said "gross" and rushed him to the bath tub for a serious rub down. I immediately texted Chris with a picture and the statement, boys are so gross.  

And then a day later Dominic was taking a bath and I was sitting with him the bathroom reading a book (I take a little mommy time whenever I can get it). I looked up from my book and saw this... photo D83D2DC0-425D-4BF7-940F-8B3531DF8055_zpstobprkqh.jpg photo 49512E72-9FEE-4722-A820-604EBD44C80E_zpsj75krb9t.jpg
Dominic was proudly displaying his latest work of art. Again, boys are so gross.

And then he just hangs out and looks super cute and I push aside the gross and am reminded that boys are actually pretty cool.

 photo 001_zps342631dc.jpg photo 002_zpsd95c6a72.jpg photo 004_zps8a16b654.jpg photo 005_zps920e4f5f.jpg photo 008_zps267bab14.jpg photo 010_zpse99c4243.jpg photo 011_zps5d0f1210.jpg photo 014_zpsb2296d66.jpg photo 015_zpsd92c75cc.jpg photo 018_zpsf1cea479.jpg photo 019_zpsb3636355.jpg