We love our cul-de-sac...

Jan 7, 2014

This is a picture of our afternoons...our cul-de-sac has become an extension of our home.  We bought our home from an older man that very obviously wanted little to no yard work, so our front yard is covered in ivy and our back yard is wall to wall cement.  Someday when we win the lottery and are granted the wish of more hours in the day, we will landscape our home to be more family friendly, but for now we will settle for bike rides in the street and an empty cul-de-sac perfect for bringing our afternoon energy levels to an "it's almost bedtime" zero.

 photo b1_zps4a243594.jpg photo 240_zpsb6428568.jpg photo 180_zps52439558.jpg photo 182_zps1b5606b8.jpg photo 183_zps13a31dfe.jpg photo 186_zps968affd2.jpg photo car_zps449a5aaf.jpg