I have been waiting...

Feb 10, 2014

I have been waiting for the day when these two could interact.  When Dominic was more than a tiny blob of cute and Scarlett understood what I mean every time I say "gentle" or "don't sit on your brother".

For Christmas, Chris got a really fun floor air hockey set and the kids love it!  I still give it a couple years before it is used in its intended manner, but for now it is great entertainment watching Dominic chasing the puck around the house and climbing in and out of the furniture to find the floating toy.

 photo 033_zps088c46ff.jpg photo 031_zps322c44c0.jpg photo 029_zpsdcefb402.jpg photo 028_zpsb2c9e856.jpg photo 027_zps9c637ffe.jpg photo 026_zps9a071da0.jpg photo 025_zps2732a23c.jpg photo 023_zps664e2955.jpg photo 022_zpsc75f07dd.jpg

Also...this was fun to watch

 photo 038_zps1c448e95.jpg