Boys revised...

May 6, 2014

I just posted this picture of Dominic wearing his sisters tu-tu and commented that he really needs a brother, well after proclaiming such a terrible oversight, I realized, he has a dad.  A dad that LOVES to rough house with his son.  I caught them that night, rolling around on the floor, Chris was giving Dominic horse rides which inevitably ended with Dominic shooting to the floor, laughing.  And then Friday night Chris came home from the grocery store with a toy golf club and a bag of balls.  If there is one way to Dominic's heart it is a ball.  Play catch with him, and he will love you forever, or just make you play catch for what feels like forever.

So when Dominic and his dad immediately started putting golf balls around the house, I realized that Dominic is actually really lucky to have a little bit of sister to help him embrace his feminine side and a lot of dad to teach him to be a God fearing, responsible, tough, and loving young man.

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