Pumpkin patch perfection...

Oct 17, 2014

About 2 miles (as the crow flies) and 10 minutes from our home is wide open farm land.  Rows and rows of pumpkins light up the landscape with their perfected fall orange.

We went to a local farm in Snohomish right on the river, but if we hadn't chosen that one, there were easily 20 more along the way.  There was fall food, farm grown pumpkins and decorative squash just snipped from the vine, hay mazes, an inflatable blob for jumping, slides, swings, and perfect fall weather. 

 photo 004_zps439e1f59.jpg photo 007_zps6d0d6397.jpg photo 014_zpsef1f67a7.jpg photo 018_zpsc79985ff.jpg photo 019_zps149354e2.jpg photo 021_zps0ad8cc7b.jpg photo 032_zps9d056d98.jpg photo 045_zpsf43b48d9.jpg photo 048_zps116cac1a.jpg photo 052_zps300ee715.jpg photo 058_zps66d970c5.jpg photo 062_zpsf0623daf.jpg photo 075_zps2cfc0e74.jpg photo 087_zpsbe580918.jpg photo 093_zps579ab2b6.jpg photo 109_zpsd9e48e7f.jpg photo 125_zpse9f5c97b.jpg photo 140_zps0e94422a.jpg photo 143_zpsc23d2fa3.jpg photo 160_zpsefc8ddeb.jpg photo 172_zpsf5fb9a95.jpg