The new normal...

Sep 4, 2015

Maxwell was born at the end of Chris's school year, in fact he ditched the final week of school in an effort to add balance amidst the chaos that we felt from becoming a family of five.  Needless to say summer came, and with it a new routine, or lack there of.   Summer was a total blur of sleepless nights, dirty diapers, warm milk, first flights, last minute trips, family and friends, and absolutely no structure.  For this total type A personality, summer was simultaneously refreshing and extremely stressful.

Thankfully this weeks rainy forecast marked the beginning of a much anticipated fall and the familiarity of our tenth school year.  Chris and I both agree that even though we loved being able to spend the summer together as a family, there is a rejuvenating energy to the beginning of a new routine. We have reached a place in our lives where we can finally cultivate the expectations that we desired when moving to Washington last year. We both feel energized by our chosen vocations and look forward to creating a rich home and family together in this next season of life.

So this week I am soaking up the full experience as stay at home mom and loving on all three of my babies before Scarlett goes off to Kindergarten, and shortly after that, high school.  I am enjoying the tiny bit of chaos that comes from the final days of summer while looking forward to fully embracing the next 18 years of our new normal.

 photo C9963EF2-60E2-479F-83C4-A01007464374_zpsshpu9olx.jpg photo 2E793965-3334-4810-A139-413B791F3DDE_zpsp6icdiea.jpg