The Getty...

Mar 21, 2019

In an effort to not sound like a pretentious snob, we willingly took our three smallish kids to an art museum, and I think I can confidently say it was a successful afternoon.  Chris and I have always loved to walk around museums and nonchalantly discuss all the things we don't know about art.   And I will be the first to admit I love a good art installation that makes no sense to me and perfect sense to everyone else.

The Getty did such a great job getting the art bug started in the minds of our littles.  They offer hand held devices filled with interested facts about select pieces, and there was no up turned noses when we asked for three and promptly handed them to our kids to cover with smudges.  Granted Dominic spent most of the day pressing random buttons and listening to whatever popped up, and Max used it as an opportunity to practice his number recognition.  But Scarlett, oh sweet Scarlett, listened to every single one, beginning to end, and brought along a sketch book to create sketches of the pieces she liked.  Needless to say, my art ignorant heart, left smiling.  And not just because they looked so cute with giant headphones, semi-intentionally learning about art, but because these three were exposed to something new, and it was really fun.