Here we go...again...supper club edition

Apr 3, 2019

Before we moved to Washington we were part of a unique Supper Club experience.  Chris and I, along with four other couples, spent four supper club seasons expanding our cooking skills and challenging our taste buds.

We loved the experience so much that we convinced four couples to join us in Washington and created the North Sound Society of Cuisine and Merriment.

And now, back in California, we could not imagine missing out on the chance to cook for friends and dress up at least four times a year.  I proposed the idea to a new set of couples and everyone jumped at the chance to expand their culinary palate.  Chris and I have found through this journey that sharing food with people is the best way to get to know them and I can't wait to explore these new relationships and dive deeper into their kitchens.  

Supper number one: Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage ( A journey through Spain hosted by the Alberts)