Kunming (part 2)

Jul 18, 2019

We thankfully planned our trip to end right back where we started.  We spent our last four days revisiting the places that made us the most happy and gearing up for our final goodbyes.

Chris and I are not huge on over planning, so when we travel we like to have a vague outline of where we will be and when, but have found that when you leave the details open ended, that is when you can find the most adventure.  This entire experience felt open ended.  And when that could have opened the door for anxiety, it encouraged us and our kids to have a "go with the flow" attitude that we can never seem to find the balance for when we are home. It feels strange, but China was a breath of fresh air for our family.  A place we could just be.  A lot of times people say they need a vacation from their vacation, especially if children are involved, but this trip truly felt like three weeks of real vacation. Maybe it is the rose colored glasses I am wearing after being back for three weeks, but the fact that Chris and I were already discussing how to get back there while driving in our taxi to the airport is evidence otherwise.

 I was seconds away from buying all the animals from the outdoor market and bringing them home.