Batting cages...

Aug 23, 2019

One thing our family gleaned from moving away was that sometimes saying "no" is the right answer.  Five years ago we we were attending too many social events, always answered "yes", and weren't heavily investing in the satisfaction of quality time together.  Granted our kids were significantly younger and it was easy to drag them to one social event after another, but Chris and I found that the hustle and bustle of constant coming and going made us question how well we would know each other 10 years from now.   Washington was a breath of fresh air and a reality check.

When I am starting to feel the pull of a constant "yes" springing to my lips, I like to take a step back and remember that the decisions we made as a family five years ago meant something. The choice we made to invest in time, was the right one for our marriage and for our children.  So now, I am okay with a "no" if the alternative is quality time with the ones I love most.  

Since the school year started and we hit the ground running, leaving little time for quality anything...we decided last Sunday to forgo the traditional after church lunch rush and take the kids somewhere fun.  Chris suggested the batting cages and we went for it, the kids had a blast and I ended up sore from head to toe from using muscles I didn't even know existed.  Worth it to see the smiles on their faces and hear all three kids simultaneously begging for more.