One year trophies...

Aug 29, 2019

We made it one year at Kips Gymnastics. Scarlett is obsessed with gymnastics, and I love watching her learn more every week, exploring what her body can do. It is the one thing she is willing to admit liking, so I'm jumping on the wagon and gently coaxing her to keep at it.  Max is a natural, his cartwheels are nothing short of 4 year old perfection and his hand eye coordination is on point. Watching him is such a joy.  He is exactly the kind of student I would have imagined him to be, rule following, hard working, focused boy.

Side note...this is the gym that I went to as a kid, so it only adds an element of exciting sitting on the other side of the window.
Another side note...Scarlett HATES having her pictures taken, and having her picture taken on a tall mat, in front of everyone, for an achievement in which she is the center of attention is the absolute worst.  So of course I made her do it.  The "I hate you right now" smile says it all.