Fathers day family fun

Jun 23, 2010

Chris's Aunt Lori and her three kids came down from Crescent City and Chris's sister Kim and her three kids came up from Fallbrook this weekend, so needless to say we had a trypical loud, busy and rambunctious Becher family gathering for Fathers day. It was a blast...even more of a blast knowing that it is only going to get crazier and crazier as the kids grow and multiply. I LOVE family!!!

The kidsies enjoying their day in the sun

Scarlett lounging in the calm water...
I pretty sure she didnt have the pool to
herself for very long.

I think she is a little jealous that she cant play with the boys

This tiny pool kept the boys entertained for hours...
of course Michael jumped at the chance to perform for the camera.

Grandpa enjoying his fathers day
                                                                            Scarlett enjoying her fathers day with a
                                                                        little love from Aunt Lori

These are just because she is just so dang cute...

And this is just because he is just so dang cute!

Happy family fun day...hope your summers started as full as ours.