Man Night = Happy Marriage

Jun 27, 2010

That's Gavin, Scarlett, George-Matthew and a Maker's with a twist, i.e. everything good about maintaining close friends into marriage. Last night Andy spent the evening out with her best friend from college, which is becoming more rare as our family grows. Naturally, I leaped at the chance (picture Jim Edmond's over the shoulder grab) to have a man night, fully stocked with MJ's mystery casserole, whiskey, diapers, a yippitty dog, poker, backgammon and Nat Sherman himself. Needless to say, it was good.

Point is, Andy and I are really lucky. We've got good friends and by God's grace have come to realize the fact that we need time with them by ourselves. More times than not I'm the one out with the friends while Andy is home with Scarlett, so last night was a treat for her. It's strange how a night away from me with a good friend brought Andrea so much energy when she returned. And it's always the same for me. After a night of drinks and shooting the crap with the guys, I always come home loving my wife, my daughter, my entire life, more deeply. I want to do the dishes before I go to bed, rub Andy's back while she sleeps, stare at Scarlett in her crib. It's strange, but one of the best marital habits we started without even realizing it was promoting time away from each other with friends. I'm amazed how the way of love is that the more widely you give, the more fullness of love you retain. The economy of love is to grow with each loving act, not diminish. My relationship with Andy is made better, it grows, as my other friendships flourish.

Moral of the story, go out and enjoy a drink with the boys or the girls if you please. It's good for your marriage.