Let the creativity flow

Jun 30, 2010

Ever since our little girl was born I have had a serious creativity bug.  I wish I had felt the same way BEFORE Scarlett, when I actually had time to indulge the bug.  But, since summer is here and Chris is home with me I feel like I can pass off the little bird for a couple of hours and finish things on my ever growing list.  

And since I finally feel like her room is in a state close to completion (it is totally done...but in my mind there is always something that can be added or changed to make it that much better) I will show off a few things that the creative mom in me felt the dire NEED to make in order for Scarlett to feel completely at home. 
Thanks to the artistic abilities of my sister in law we were able to paint the exact tree that I had been imagining for the main wall in Scarlett's bedroom...complete will two little baby birds in a brightly colored nest. 

Changing table I found at Salvation Army for $10...sanded down and painted to match the bedding. 

This was all Gretchen! My favorite part of the room.

This is a fun little paper mobile project that I just HAD to make!!! 
Thanks for the idea Martha Stewart
   Pillows to match the curtains and add a little color to the couch

Curtains that ended up being a ton of work...but totally worth it.
I need to get better pictures. Sorry!

My first piece of home-made clothing...and sure to not be the last!

I got a sewing machine for Christmas and didn't waste any time getting to work and since then have not stopped adding things to my very long list of things that I want to make...Im sure there will be many more creativity posts to come! Enjoy!