Three years and still going strong

Jun 30, 2010

Chris and I are celebrating our three year anniversary today! 

Every year Chris and I have gotten each other gifts that reflect the "traditional"  anniversary gift giving chart...this year was leather.  Chris and I are horrible surprise gift givers...we just get so excited and make the other person guess what they are getting which inevitably leads to giving away any element of surprise. So in true Becher fashion we both knew what to expect...Chris got two pairs of leather shoes and I am getting some sort of jewelry (I haven't seen it yet because another bad habit of ours is that we usually don't buy our gift till the very last minute and Chris's gift for me is coming from over seas). But, I didn't see this coming...who knew he had it in him....

Good job hubby!!! Best surprise gift I have received all day! 

When looking back, I just can't believe how much can happen in three years.  We got married, bought a house and had a baby! What a blessing each stage has been, and even more of a blessing to experience them together. Our marriage has only gotten stronger with time and I can't wait to see where we will be with 50 more years under our belt.