A letter to Scarlett

Jul 10, 2010

You are seven months old today.  My love for you continues to blossom as I watch you conquer each stage of life.  It was this month that for the first time I looked at you with fear, realizing that you will not be our curious baby girl forever. You are starting to talk more, to mimic the sounds that your dad and I are constantly forcing you to make, mama, dada.  You say “dada” when you are playing and “mama” when you are crying, although I am positive you still do not know the meaning of either one. You have been sitting up and playing on your own for a couple of months, but I not longer have to be the hawk over your shoulder to catch you if you fall.  You have your first tooth, one little white bud that you will not show off unless you are laughing.  You still refuse to be on your belly or use your arms for anything other than putting a toy into your mouth.  You are strong so I sit with you every night and encourage you to crawl to the toy that is just beyond your reach and you stare at me with that look in your eye that says “ Don’t push me, I am completely happy in this stage”.  And the truth is, so am I.  To just sit with you, watching you graze from one toy to the next, is pure perfection. 

Your personality is taking form, as your laughter increases so does your demand for attention. You seem to flourish around your father. There is something about the noises he makes and the tickles he gives that make you laugh straight from your belly.  I am at peace when watching your relationship with him grow, knowing that the two of you will always have a bond that I will never be a part of.    

I still look forward to the end of the day when you and I create a unique love of our own, one that can never be penetrated and will take us through our years as mother and daughter.  I hold you in my arms, kiss your forehead and sing you a song as your eyes slowly drift off to sleep and I realized regardless of age, you will always be my curious little girl.