Time to Value

Jul 12, 2010

That's Scarlett in unbearably adorable knit sweater #2 from Grandma. When she was born my Grandma knit her the same thing in yellow, but she grew like a chia pet and it started looking more like a high fashion life vest than a cozy sweater. One Sunday afternoon when my grandparents were visiting we mentioned how sad we were that she could no longer wear it. That Thursday sitting on our doorstep was a package addressed to "Pumpkin" with her new sweater.

It's crazy how much some one's time means to me when they give it to my child. My grandma worked her hands for hours to produce something my daughter wears to keep her warm when out to breakfast, sitting in the frigid foyer at Church or meandering through the park, twice. She could have bought something Carters made or OshKosh or whoever else mass produces these things, but she didn't. She did comparatively menial work to make something beautiful and full of unspeakable value because she loves her granddaughter. I hope Scarlett grows up to value her time so highly. To give it to others even when they're not around. I love that my friends and family give their time to my daughter. They babysit her, play with her, hug and kiss her. But beyond that, they pray for her, make her things, tell stories about her to others. They give time when there's no immediate consequence; her smile, laugh or my thanks. You guys are awesome. Seriously. She doesn't even know what time is and you're already teaching her how to use it well, educating her that time is the most important thing you can give anyone, even in their absence.