A letter, years later

Feb 14, 2011

Dear Husband,

Four (or five) years ago we went on a trip to Argentina.   While doing some research for a "secret project", I came across my old journal from the trip.  This is the memory that I still remember and cherish. 

"My ears listened intuitively to the subtle motion and clink of Carlos' keys hitting the dashboard, I imagined his face, tanned by the heat of the sun, focused on the road, driving with an instinctive passion as he dodges potholes so as to allow us Americans as much comfort as possible.
The smell of the rising dust from the powdery path that leads us to our final destination slowly fills the truck bed.  Suddenly I feel the warmth of Chris's hand covering my mouth to allow me the cleanest air possible.  Yet, the smell manages to escape through the holes between his fingers and enter into my nostrils, leaving a mix of Chris's skin with smell that can only be described as Earth.  ...
Chris still holds me close, with a hand to my face, as my head bounces on his shoulder to the beat of the unpaved road.  It is in this simple gesture that I finally allow my senses to feel where my thoughts had failed. 
It is here that I feel safe...it is here that I know love."

Thank you for the years of simple gestures of love.  May there be many, many more small moments that we can cherish for years to come.  Happy Valentines Day!