Dancing in a fort...

Mar 18, 2011

Usually our Saturday mornings are leisurely.  We wake up at 6 with Scarlett, throw her in the bed with us, play, go out to breakfast and come home for our much needed naps.  Unfortunately this Saturday we did not have these luxuries.  I had to work and Chris was proctoring SAT's.
Chris was out the door at 7 and I still had a couple of hours to kill with Scarlett before the babysitters would arrive,  I wanted to take advantage of the sad excuse for a Saturday that I was about to experience.  So I turned on toddler radio, got Scarlett dancing and started to build my first ever attempt at a fort.  Seriously, I can't remember EVER building a fort.  I started with a little black blanket, an Angels blanket and the coffee table...completely unsuccessful .  The blankets kept falling and sliding off the couch.  Disaster.  Then I thought...sheets, chairs, books, duh.  I grabbed a sheet, all of our dining room chairs and went to work.  Scarlett and I rocked our Saturday morning dance party in the perfect makeshift fort.  Well, Scarlett spent most of the time running in and out, laughing every time she had to duck under the sheet to escape the grasp of her amateur fort building mother. But after last Saturday, I have been converted...everything is better when done inside a fort.