Thursday, March 17, 2011

She won't do it.  She refuses to eat.  We put her in her chair three times a day, we give her options, vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese, spoons, hands, messy, dry, goopy, nothing...she takes a bite, spits it out and throws it on the floor.  Last week, after much urging from my husband, I took Scarlett to the doctor.

She has gained weight, jumped in the percentage charts, and is a totally normal healthy happy baby.  The pediatrician (not our normal doctor) within seconds of walking in the door looked at me, looked at her and said "she's fine, you're small, she's small".   While Scarlett teared the bright orange "danger" sticker off of the cabinet, opened all of the drawers and proceeded to pull out the medical contents hidden inside, the pediatrician told me she was active.  That her 15 month old body is acting like a 18 month old toddler.  Eating attitude and all.

Scarlett is too busy to bother with eating, she wants to run, play, explore and create.  I love this about her.  The second she realized what her legs were for she was using them to conquer every unknown part of the house.  Opening and closing doors, climbing and falling off sofas and chairs, pushing light pieces of furniture all over the house, testing all of her boundaries (ahem...the fireplace).   She is an explorer.  She explores the world by touching and feeling and doing, by pushing and pulling and sometimes licking.

Although Chris and I constantly worry about her nutrition, I know that she is getting what she needs and when she is hungry she will eat.  Today we are just going to watch her explore and encourage her to continue to conquer her world one busy, meal less day at a time.

P.S. Why in the world does the pediatricians office not have child proof locks on their cabinets and "danger" doors.

To our little one being a toddler ahead of her time.  Please slow down...

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  1. I have a tiny, "food is only to refuel" active little girl too! She's almost 3 and only 26 lbs!! I try to remember that she will not starve herself. I offer her 5 meals a day -- 3 "main meals" and 2 healthy snacks. I put snakcs out on the table so that she can graze throughout the day and when she's hungry, she eats. I've found forcing things just causes more stress on everyone (although at the age she is now, I can tell her that she must have 2 more bites of something before she gets down from the table, but before ....forget about it!) Good luck hun! You're an awesome mom!