All in a days cycle...

Apr 20, 2011

I have noticed when I spend all day with Scarlett, we go through cycles.

She wakes up in the morning  happy to see me and I am as equally happy to see her good morning face and sleepy eyes.  We get dressed and happy quickly turns to sad.  She brings me the remote to the TV and says "TB" and we watch an episode of Clifford together and she is happy again.  I turn off the TV and tell her it is time to eat breakfast and she shakes her head wiggles her little body and says "no, no, no" in a pleading matter.  I try to teach her to say "yes" and the "no's" only get louder and more furious as we move closer to the breakfast table.  "No" quickly turns into cries as I set her in her chair with a banana, she throws her food on the floor and gives me the sign for "all done".  I say "one more bite" and she shakes her head.  We spend the next half hour fighting over food and the second I give in and let her feet touch the ground she is off to play with a smile.  She plays, she laughs, she hugs, she dances and the morning is gone.  I give her her nap time bottle (yes we are still on the bottle...I know, I know...I just cherish those five silent cuddle time minutes so much), she falls asleep in my arms, wakes up in two hours and we start the cycle all over again until bed time.

I love stay at home days. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by them, but on those days, we break up the cycle with a trip to the park, an art project or a romp in the grassy hill in front of our house.


But the cycle still continues, she laughs, she cries, she says no, she sleeps, she smiles, again and again.  Perfection.