Messy houses...

May 26, 2011


I have recently decided that I am tired of having a messy house. Messy living room, messy kitchen, messy bedroom, messy dining room. Every room has something on the floor that doesn't belong there. And by "something" I mean, "something of Scarlett's". Clothes, shoes, toys, stuffed animals, played with for a day and the left to gather dust. Everything has a place, but  nothing is put away in the same place twice. So as of this weekend, we are taking a shot at containing the mess to Scarlett's room only. 

I went to Ikea and bought a tiny table and chair set for playing and a brightly colored storage unit to hold "stuff".  I want to make her room her hang out place. She can grab her art supplies and go to work on her tiny table, grab a book from the book basket, climb up to the couch and practice her animal sounds, colors and alphabet, I want this to be her space. The space that I don't worry about messes.  Let her roam least for the next 10 years before I have to start nagging her to make her bed.  

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