Deep cleaning...worth it?

Jun 23, 2011

Things around the Becher household have been pretty busy as of late.  Summer started in our house in full force.  We spent our first summer day with daddy doing a deep clean of the house.  It felt good to dust the shelves that we haven't touched since we moved in two years ago...yes, we HATE to clean.  I don't mind a good "pick up", but deep cleaning, not my thing.  Wouldn't you know it two days later our floors are sticky, couch is stained with who knows what, trash can is overflowing,  windows have tiny finger prints, crayons lay on the floor, kitchen counters spotted with remnants of lunch unfinished.  Yes, this is our life.  A good deep clean, a little breather and then mess after mess, and we only have one kid.  Oh my.  

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