Tuesday update...

Jun 14, 2011

I was a little disappointed today knowing that summer is here and Tuesdays no longer mean time with Grandma, and no midday report of cute flooding my email.  After wallowing in my own personal pity party,  I realized that it does mean play time with Daddy.  I can't wait to see and hear about the adventures these two have together.  Chris HATES to be at home, he gets restless, and so does Scarlett, so I know that there are many park play dates and outdoor adventures in their summertime future. 

Today he took Scarlett to Papa's house (his dad) and was going to do laundry for me...I know BEST HUSBAND EVER...except the machine was broken.  So he settled for hanging with the rest of the family in the front lawn and washing his car while Scarlett ran through the sprinklers.  Perfect way to set the bar for what are sure to become some of Scarlett's favorite summer memories. 

Chris did send me a great video of Scarlett almost adding another bruise or two to her perpetually bruised face by climbing to the top of an upside down rocking chair...that one takes a lot of imagination...but trust me it's a great video.  Sadly, it was sent via text and my phone is the cheapest one you can get so no internet connection equals no video for the blog. Boo.  And my dear sister-in-law Suzy sent me this cutie...I love my family and their desire to inform me of Scarlett's heart wrenching amount of awesome.

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