Conversations with Scarlett...

Jul 22, 2011

Scarlett has been a little chatter box for months now, and recently I realized that I can have conversations with her.  Actual conversations.  WHAT and WHEN?
This conversation took place a couple of mornings ago...and has continued to take place every morning since.

Scarlett: "mommy, nummy?"
(translation: "nummy" = gummy vitamin...we are still working on pronouncing the letter "g"...hence "nama" and "dapa" for "grandma" and "grandpa")
Me: "No honey, we already had our morning gummy" 
Scarlett:  "why?"
Me: "because we have one in the morning and one at night before bedtime"
Scarlett" "why?"
Me: "because that is what the box says"
Scarlett: "ok"

I have a feeling "conversations with Scarlett" will become a frequent post on this blog.

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