Gymnastics class week 2...

Sep 30, 2011

Getting in the car two Thursdays ago after the exhausting experience of Scarlett's first gymnastics class, I wanted to discipline Scarlett for being a total pill.  But, after removing my hat of blame, I realized it really came down to me not preparing her for a new experience. The word "classroom" was not even in her two year old dictionary. Until this first disastrous experience the only interaction she has had with direction has been me telling her "now lets go put your diaper on so you don't pee on the floor".  Of course it was a disaster, throw in 7 tiny new faces and an unknown lady telling her to preform her first public flip, no amount of encouragement was moving Scarlett from the death grip on my arm.

So for week number two, I made an effort.  I spent a full seven days explaining what to expect and how to react the next time we set foot in The Little Gym.  Every day we would discuss what a teacher was and how we need to listen to what she says, or that we needed to try at least once to participate in the flips and flops that the other kids were learning.  When we finally came to class number two Scarlett was ready, she walked in the door and immediately recited all of her classroom rules.  "I listen teacher" , "I do flip", "I go class".  She was chomping at the bit to enter those gym room doors and show everyone a weeks worth of brainwashing.  She did great.  She did donkey kicks, hung like a monkey on the rings, walked on the balance beam kicking one foot into the air, played music, ran in circles, listened to the teacher and participated with the other kids.  We had a blast.  I even came home and asked Chris if we could add gym class to our monthly budget.  I think this "classroom" is officially part of our Becher family dictionary. 

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