Sep 29, 2011

Dear Scarlett,

You and I have been able to communicate since you were six months old.  I have taken advantage of the fact that you understand EVERYTHING, you connect people and thoughts, everyday surprising me with a new fact you picked up by listening to adults converse around you. You speak clearly and in full sentences. I have never had to struggle to get you to respond with sign language or spoken tongue.  Because of this I often forget that you are only 21 months old.  Thank you for using your imagination to remind me that you are still a child.  You create a world around you and it is my job to guide and strengthen your imagination every day.


Two weeks ago I let you pick out a toy from Michaels, you chose a tiny doll and you named her Olga.  Since then she has never left your side.  That day Olga came with us to daddys "office"  and immediately she had to find the bathroom.  You put her on the potty, looked her in the eye and said "poo, poo, Olga, push", you made the push sound and then said "all done, ew, dirty" and tried to wipe her bottom.  Later that day Olga had a time out.  You sat her on her bottom, said "sit down", turned your head away and let her sit in silence for 10 seconds before picking her up, giving her a hug and saying "it's okay, I love you".  We asked you what she was in time out for and you said "Olga pull hair". 

PhotobucketMonths ago I gave you your first invisible cup of tea and it started a pathway in your mind that previously had no direction...follow this pathway and enjoy every story it creates for you along the way.  Please bear with me as I continue to cultivate my own imagination.   Help me see through your eyes.  Teach me how to be a better pirate, fort builder, dragon slayer and super hero.  Let's imagine this world together, everyday challenging new enemies from far away lands and celebrating with an exotic tea party for two (or five depending on how many stuffed animals would like to attend).  I love you.   I love the child you are and the child you bring out in me.


Imagine sweet girl, imagine.


Your momma

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