Did you know...

Dec 14, 2011


I LOVE my Kindle, but I am also a little cheap when it comes to buying books.  I was first sold on the Kindle when I realized that there are a ton of free books available through Amazon.  Classics that I had never read at the tip of my fingers, for free. Now I just tried my first "rental" through our local library and my experience was nothing but pleasant.  It was quick and easy, all I had to do was make sure that I had a library card and I was able to "check out" a book for 14 days before it was removed from my Kindle and returned to the library. 

Go to your local library via the internet and search for their available copies of e-books.  The only down side I noticed was that our library didn't have a very wide selection to chose from and most of the popular books had a waiting list.  But I guess it just encourages me to expand my reading horizon.  I am on book rental number two and loving every minute. 

If you have a Kindle and enjoy reading I highly recommend checking this feature out!  Enjoy!

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