Tea for two...

Dec 14, 2011

Scarlett's big gift this year was a play kitchen for her room...and if we allowed her she would spend every moment of every day making tea for two.


During nap time on Monday I heard some obvious play kitchen noises coming for the direction of the play kitchen corner of Scarlett's bedroom and when I opened the door to scold her for not sleeping, she jumped into bed with a book in hand smirking at me like she had been there the whole time.  After telling her she was a sneaky girl, I looked into the play kitchen corner and noticed nothing (and everything).  Scarlett had been cleaning up her kitchen.  She put everything away into the two bins we had bought her the day before and had them neatly closed and stacked the way we showed her.  The frustration I had with lack of nap time participation faded as I realized she was sneakily cleaning her room.  I immediately called Chris and told him that we need give her quiet time more often, maybe one room at a time.  If that is her reaction to demanding naps who knows what we will get out of her when we tell her she has to eat dinner. 

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