Party sneak peek...

Dec 9, 2011

A sneak peak at Scarlett's birthday.

The chaos that is my dining room table...and the "decorate a dot" craft to keep the kids from breaking anything.

Party favors

Way too many felt circles that I need to find time to sew together. 

I hate planning parties...I always get myself into a mess with Scarlett's.  Grand ideas turn grander with a quick stop by The Dollar Store or Michaels.  The closer the date comes the more I worry about seating, food, drinks, kids having fun and  making it too long or too short.  Chris is constantly reminding me to "chill out" and realize that is is a kids birthday party.  But with one more day until the big polka dot extravaganza my list keeps growing and my head is swimming with one more craft I NEED to squeeze in before tomorrow.  Deep breaths and is only Scarlett's entire youth wrapped up into one day of crazy fun.  AHHH...I need a vacation.

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