So, this is how it begins...

Dec 8, 2011

Chris and I spent our evening from approximately 8-11pm doing this...


Putting together Scarlett's birthday present.  We both sat there thinking this is the beginning of the end.  The beginning of waiting in line for hours to get the perfect doll  that she has been asking for all year long, the beginning of staying awake blowing up balloons to stuff into her tiny room for a birthday morning surprise, the beginning of the sleepless night sacrifices we will make so that our little girl is spoiled rotten on her birthday.

How did we become these people?  Staying up late for some other reason beyond our own desire.  Me, sacrificing sleep for someone else...unheard of.  But there we sat plotting how to hide this kitchen in our tiny condo and searching the closets for a sheet big enough to cover the mystery gift.  The beginning of the end...the beginning of Scarlett's ultimate happiness and the end of all selfish desire. Parenting 101. 

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