Barbie dolls...

Jan 4, 2012

Chris and I had a conversation last night that stuck with me through sleep and pushed its way into my morning.  Barbie dolls for little girls? Yes or no?

Chris argues that Barbie dolls skew a little girls sense of feminism and beauty?  That he would rather her learn these things from the women around her and not from a "perfect" version of woman in the form of a playful doll.  (Also keep in mind Chris holds a very strong aversion to branding, especially to children. Barbie could be argued to be one of the largest and most long lasting marketed toy products...this is where I think his argument begins, although he hasn't admitted it).

I argue that Barbie is nothing more than a doll.  A beautiful women yes, but also a opening to a world of imagination and creativity.  My memories of Barbie consist of changing clothes, cutting hair and attending tea parties. I have nothing but fond memories of my sister and I playing hair salon, washing and styling Barbie for hours.  I collected Barbie dolls and my mom still has her Barbie dolls from when she was a girl.  They are a staple in any little girls collection of toys and I was so surprised to hear Chris say that he had actually formed an opinion about Scarlett owning one.  I will admit I have never thought in depth about the subject nor thought about how owning a Barbie might effect Scarlett's view of women, or beauty...but I will say this, I do not want to deprive Scarlett of the quiet moments spent planning the perfect outfit for Barbies first date with Ken.

Any thoughts?  We would love to hear them...

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  1. Evelyn has been given a couple Barbies. We just bought her all of the Disney Princess Barbies. She loves playing with them and changing their clothes. I'm not a huge fan of marketing either, I hate buying things with huge name brand characters on them. But, the princess are classic, right? And the movies are good, and Disney has the best productions of the fairy tales, for the most part. However, Evelyn won't have Princess/Barbie sheets, or even the Princess/Barbie house or other items. We plan on getting her a nice wooden doll house that "fits 12 inch dolls." This is mostly and aesthetic decision: the wood houses aren't all pink/purple or character specific; they are cute, generic, and much more realistic with simpler/less pieces.

    Go ahead, play with a couple Barbies buy some extra outfits, but don't have to have every thing in your life become all about Barbie.

  2. @Shawna Mizer

    I totally agree with not making everything Barbie...not going to happen. I am not into the pink and purple overly girly craziness that comes with the Barbie realm, I just like the imagination that Barbie brings. But I guess the argument could be that she could get that with any doll and therefore there is no need for a Barbie.