The Little Gym...

Feb 7, 2012

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We decided in October of 2011 that Scarlett needed a little more "teacher" in her life.  So we added The Little Gym to our weekly routine.  Our first week was a total disaster but as time went on the experience grew and gave Scarlett and I something special to look forward to on Thursdays.

We both really love these classes.  I look forward to Thursdays knowing that Scarlett will be able to run, jump and play with new friends, that she will hang on the bars like a monkey and giggle as she falls into the soft landing mat.  But most importantly I like that she is learning new limits to the use of her body, every week she stretches herself as she tumbles from mat to mat or bear crawls on the parallel bars.  She flips and twirls, hangs and jumps and every week she surprises me with what she has learned or how she has grown.  She listens to the teacher and volunteers to demonstrate something she has never tried.  Her sense of independence and self confidence is blossoming as she constantly refuses my help while looking over her shoulder, claiming "I can do it by myself".  I am no longer needed as a hand to hold as she sidesteps and gallops to the music with her friends. I find myself trailing her through the gym only to fulfill my own vain hope that there might be a time she needs a boost to the "big girl" bar or a lift to the balance beam. 

Watching her grow older every week saddens me, but watching her independent smile brings a joy to my life that I would never trade.

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