A little kick start...

Jun 7, 2012

Laying on the table waiting to hear that we were having a tiny baby boy was so exciting...and watching his little body wiggle endlessly was overwhelming.  I teared up watching him twist and turn and for the first time during this pregnancy it was starting to feel real, and not just "I am so sick, why is this happening" real.  I was again surprised to think about a tiny human, with a soul, moving and kicking inside of me.  A child that would someday be in the open air, a child with thoughts, feelings, emotions and opinions.  A child. 

As I sit at my desk and write this post I imagine his tiny face and even tinier hands and feet that will some day run out of room in my extremely short torso and start kicking my ribs and bladder. Today I am enjoying the first little movements that take me by surprise, a tiny kick that reminds me he is still there.  I felt these for the first time this morning  and can not wait till I can share the movement with Chris and Scarlett.  Every day I grow, he grows and our family grows.  Kick away baby boy.  Remind me of the miracle of your life and the joy of a growing family. 

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