The places she sleeps continued...

Jul 20, 2012

I slept on the couch last night to escape one of Chris's epic snore fests.  At about 2 AM (totally assuming this was the time because of the pitch dark and lack of clock) Scarlett waddled into the living room, cuddled beside me on the couch and fell asleep.  At around 3 AM I woke up, picked up her tiny body and deposited it back into her bedroom.  At 6 AM she came back into the living room, snuggled on the couch, cuddled next to me and I drifted to dreamland while she twisted a lock of my hair around her fingers and mumbled softly to herself.  At 6:30AM I woke up and rolled over, startled because Scarlett was no longer taking up the precious couch space next to me.  I still heard her soft melodic breath, so knowing she was safe, drifted back to sleep.  At 7:30 AM I woke up to her tiny head peaking out from under the coffee table saying, "the sun is up".  Apparently, after deciding that the couch was just too comfortable she climbed onto the floor and proceed to fall asleep under the coffee table (on the hard wood floor).  Just close enough to be near me but just far enough away to be her natural independent self.  Toddlers never cease to amaze. 

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