The name game...

Jul 17, 2012

When we found out our first child was going to be a girl we had no trouble picking three names that we loved.  We decided to wait and see her before picking one that would fit her tiny, new to this world, personality.  She came out inquisitive and aware with bright red hair and decided that the name Scarlett would fit perfectly.  Looking into her deep wandering eyes I knew we made the right choice.  She has never stopped being an inquisitive child, taking in everything about the world around her and constantly questioning with incessant who, what, when, where and why.

This time around we are at a complete loss for names.  Naming a boy has been a bigger trial than we anticipated.  One problem is that we can't seem to agree and another is I can't imagine calling my son anything that we have thrown out there. Even though we have a three full months to come up with something I am afraid we might get to the labor and delivery room, look at the new life before us, and have no idea what to call him. I have given Chris a good deal of free reign on this one (since Scarlett was pretty much my decision) but I unfortunately feel like I have been veto-ing ideas left and right.  Nothing is "clicking" the way it did with Scarlett.  I just keep waiting for a name to pop up and resonate with  my inner mother instincts.  Waiting to get excited to paint his name on the wall or start soothing his twists and turns by gently calling it through my stretching skin. As the days dwindle and the failed attempt at names keep piling in my mind, I try to imagine his deep eyes looking into mine and realize that in the end it doesn't matter what we call him, what matters is that he is ours.  That God has given us his life on this Earth and what we call him while he is here is irrelevant to the love we already feel for his presence in our lives.  So even if it is takes us three days after his birth, and we finally decide to name him after the first inanimate object that we see, this will still be in the name of love.  So here is to Tray Bedsheets Becher...may he be blessed with humor and good looks to make up for his parents lack of decisiveness and overall frustration with the naming process. 

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