Yep...she said that...

Sep 12, 2012

Last week Scarlett was using my phone to watch Disney Junior while I was getting ready for work.  From my bedroom I hear "MOM, the phone is not working" (in a whiny voice).  I proceed to walk into the living room and glance at her sitting on the couch pounding away at the screen.  She then  looks me in the eye and says, "the phone stopped working, dammit".

Now I would like to deny ever saying this word, ever, especially within the range of tiny human sponge ears.  But unfortunately a couple of days later I dropped a jar of mayonnaise on the kitchen floor and it exploded EVERYWHERE and the first word uttered from my mouth was "dammit".  I blame the heat and the pregnancy and everything other than the fact that I am a horrible mother and Christian leader that would say a "four letter word" ever, especially around my child. 

Now for the sake of honesty, I will admit that I have probably said this word a handful of times in my life, but it made me instantly sad to see that my daughter had somehow grabbed one of these times, applied the context in her tiny brain and then shoved it back in my face.  My sin in plain sight.  My sister in law just wrote this post on her family blog about just how precious our children's innocence is and how it is my job as her mother to protect and pray for her future. More now than ever I need to pray that I can be a strong Godly influence in her life, that I will be able to teach her what is right and wrong and that when she is in a moment of frustration or surrounded by people with varying moral standards that she will choose what she knows to be right. With this future in mind, I commit to pray for her life and for mine, that God will mold and shape us as we continue the journey of this life...and let's hope this journey includes a little less "dammit" and a lot more "oh man". 

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