It is official...

Sep 11, 2012

I spent 6 hours at the doctors office yesterday learning about my new diet and being pricked and poked.  My head is swimming with new information and my finger tips are already sore after day one of checking my blood sugar (7 times a day).  I am a little more confident in my remaining 9 weeks of dietary choices, but still wary of what my diabetic future holds. 

Please pray for my sanity as I embark on this new journey of counting calories and twice a week doctor appointments.   Every time I go into the doctor they inform me of some new test that they are going to have to run to ensure my safety and the safety of my child, pray that I will handle each new hurdle with a gracious heart. 

I still have a deep rooted fear of our future and I am quick to become frustrated or overwhelmed.  I know that this is a season and that God is the leader of each step, these reminders keep me from curling up on the couch and giving up.  Also, coming across a new recipe for pumpkin spice creme brulee and dreaming of the day I pop out our nameless little boy so that I can once again fully indulge in the joy that is sugar (with caution).

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