Dear daughter,

Oct 16, 2012


In four to five weeks our lives are about to change, but mostly your life is about to change.  We are expecting your brother to basically rock your world.  I know that there is no amount of conversation that can get you fully prepared for his arrival, but your dad and I still try.

You are beyond excited and talk about him constantly.  Every time you see my popped belly button you tell me that he is trying to escape, convinced that he is coming soon.  You are the only person that can comment on my "big belly" and then compare it to your small one and have it be okay.

But along with all of this excitement I keep a firm grasp on the reality,  his tiny cries in the middle of the night will wake your super sensitive ears and we will have two lively babies awake at 4 am, ready for a cuddle.  I will be busy feeding your brother and you won't understand my lack of complete focus on all things Scarlett.  I know that the words "gentle", "don't touch", "that is for your brother" and "don't put that in his mouth" are going to put you on edge and facilitate numerous fights between the two of us.  I know that you will want to constantly hold him and when I am holding him you will want me to hold you (and only you). 

We are too much alike you and I.  The past three years have been so special and there will never be another human being in my life that will have taught me as much about myself as you have.  You are stubborn and needy and so am I. You raise your voice, not to yell, but to get attention and so do I.  You are silly and completely OCD about closing doors and cupboards and so am I.  You do not like to be dirty and request immediate clean up when something falls on the table or the floor and so do I.  You can play in the sand for hours but hate that it sticks to your skin and so do I.  You are a mini mom, and for this I am both grateful and sorry.  My bad habits are yours.  A battle we will fight for the rest of our intertwined mother, daughter lives. 

But you also have a caring heart and a desire to love and keep close the things that you  hold most dear, and so do I.  With the bad we share, we also share the unbelievably good.  Every day that I get closer to delivering this little boy the more excited I get to see all of the good that will flow from your every pore.  I know that your little hands will desire to help every step of the way and your little heart will burst with love for your brother, and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

You are so special to me sweet girl...thank you for three years of patience as I navigate the mommy world.  I look forward to a life time of ups and downs with you by my side. 

Love you forever and ever,

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