Foot fetish...

Oct 10, 2012

Regular feet -

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Crazy pregnancy feet -

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Yes, this has been happening for about two months...every night I think there is no way that they could get any bigger, and then, in true to this pregnancy form, they do.  I squeeze into my new size 8 shoes just to get to work and then quickly release my over sized puppies and hide them under my desk.  I am two full shoe sizes larger and fear that I will never return to my dainty 6.5.

My fingers, about a month ago, started joining in the sausage size swell club.  The joints hurt to the touch and by the end of the day being able to bend and grab is a distant memory. 

I talked to my doctor today about my swelling appendages and his response was less than ideal.  "Yep, nothing you can do.  Don't even worry about trying to put them up at night because as soon as you step back on the ground they will swell right back up.  Water retention, blah, blah, blah." 

Thoughts - four weeks left, four weeks left, four weeks left...and then I will be switching swollen feet for cracked nipples, crying baby, milk, milk and more milk and sleep deprivation, all topped off with a handful of cuddles, and meeting the most perfect little baby boy.   Motherhood is totally worth it!

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