Pumpkin decoration (and fail)...

Oct 30, 2012

Scarlett and I bought a pumpkin pie pumpkin and before roasting it and making it into delicious dessert I let her paint to her hearts content.  She made the perfect pumpkin face and I will admit I was a little sad washing it off and boiling the insides, but the first bite of diabetic approved pumpkin pie made up for any tears that I might have previously shed.


And then a week later we brought home a real jack-o-lantern pumpkin.  After days of letting the pumpkin accessorize our kitchen table and letting the excitement of carving build, Scarlett and I finally ventured into the world of icky gooey pumpkin seeds and skin to thick to penetrate.  As thrilled as Scarlett had been to pop open the top and "see the seeds" she would not go anywhere near the messy inside of the pumpkin.  She is my daughter through and through.  The gooey seeds grossed me out and only with a the assistance of a ten foot poll attached to an ice cream scoop was I able to devoid the pumpkin of its nasty innards.  We baked the seeds and left the pumpkin to rot, un-carved on the kitchen table.  Maybe next year pumpkin carving can be a dad and son tradition and Scarlett and I can paint our nails and bake a chocolate cake barefoot in the kitchen.


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