Snow day...

Jan 11, 2013

Scarletts first time in the snow was a complete success. She has been talking about seeing real snow since the day Grandpa Bill dumped a box full of packing peanuts on her head and told her it was "snowing" inside.  Being a Southern California family that does not take advantage of the quick drive to the mountains often enough we were completely unprepared for this last minute trip.  So after a late night search of all the local retail stores for gloves, hats and snow shoes Scarlett ended up layered in all things fleece, too small leg warmers, borrowed gloves, and an over sized Manchester United soccer jacket.  All things considered she was warm (enough) and only came into the cabin once crying about her fingers being numb, and this was because she removed her gloves in order to shove giant handfuls of snow into her eager mouth.  Most of the day was spent sledding and making snow angels, but if you ask her her favorite part she was most likely say "eating the snow".  Yes, we are parents of "that kid". 

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