Is this a thing...

Jan 18, 2013

Scarlett had a brief potty regression a couple of mornings ago.  She has been fully potty trained for months, and we no longer have to remind her of how awesome she is when she pees or reward her with a M&M from the freezer.  She goes completely on her own and the only way we know she has made a bathroom stop is when we hear her screams of "help, someone...hello, I need help wiping" echoing down the hallway. 

So imagine my surprise when Scarlett walked into our bedroom at 6am one morning, a full half hour after we heard her wake up and progressively grow louder in her play, and quickly stated that she "pooped on the floor".  "What? What do you mean 'pooped on the floor'?"  Was the only response that I had readily available from my sleep deprived brain.  I kept asking over and over, "are you serious?" and "like real poop?".  At that unholy hour I had no way of understanding what could possibly have happened that would cause her to poop on the floor of her bedroom instead of taking the 10 steps down the hall to the bathroom.  Just a couple of nights before this incident we had praised her as she woke in the middle of the night, tip toed to the bathroom, peed and went back to bed.  The middle of the night she consciously made the effort to pee in the potty, she fought the overwhelming sleepies to do the right thing.  Yet, on this morning, she could not fight the internal struggle between pooping in the potty and putting together a puzzle by herself.  Her only excuse was her desire to play. 

Two days later I was in her bedroom changing her brother and picking up the toy tornado the she called her bedroom floor, I stepped out for one minute and came back into the room only to catch her standing next to Dominic, pants down.  Not hovering over him but just standing there right next to his tiny unsuspecting head, debating the squat position.  Now whether she was aware of how close she was to her brother I am still uncertain, but my first question was "what are you doing?", followed promptly by "were you going to go potty on the floor again?".  She smiled shyly but with a hint of satisfaction and responded with a resounding "yes".

What was happening to my fully potty trained baby girl?  She was turning into the "surprise, I just went number two on my bedroom floor" monster.  Is this a thing?  Is her brothers ability to poop whenever and wherever he likes giving her number two jealousy?

As of today we have seemed to smooth out the details of poop etiquette.  Toilet only being our number one priority.  The regression seems to have been a two day fluke that, I am crossing my fingers, hopefully never happens again.  But seriously parent to parent, is this a thing?

P.S. Dear Scarlett, sorry for sharing this probably CRAZY embarrassing story..but what would a family blog be without a tiny bit of TMI?

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