Feb 20, 2013

Scarlett absolutely LOVES her cousins.  In fact, most mornings after asking me what we are going to do she usually asks if we can see her cousins.  You can expect to have at least one conversation per day with Scarlett that will include the names Audrey, Michael or Lizzie, and most of the time these conversations relay bits and pieces of truth mixed with imagined play dates and deep desire for future play dates.

Unfortunately, her cousins live in Fallbrook.  Just far enough away that it is an all day adventure with actual play time squeezed in between an hour and a half drive there and back.  But on the days that we chose to bite off the long drive with a toddler and a new born it is all worth it to watch Scarlett smile as she jets from the car screaming her cousins names and fall instantly into the heavenly realm of pure playtime pleasure.

There are no other kids in this world that make Scarlett as happy as her just to work on getting Joe and Kim to move the family about 1.5 hours north. 

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